Monday, 24 October 2011

[MPOV] My Memories

One of the reasons I started blogging was to capture all the important moments in my life. Mind you, I am a forgetful person hence the more important to keep all my memories intact! I started blogging late so the past 35 years of my life sort of disappeared, lost in translation, etc… sigh!

Fortunately, I have been introduced to this product recently. It sort of saved the essence of my life! I am able to capture my memories in a very interesting, unique and, most important of all, in ‘digital’ mode! Yes, it is a very important criteria, especially since we are in the digital era and we get to save the Earth! Save more trees!


mymemories is an award winning digital scrapbook software. It has various digital scrapbooks, photobooks, cards, calendars and gifts software to choose from. It looks easy and fun to use… hmmm… hopefully someone as dense as me will be able to understand it ^.* I will be reviewing this product so do keep a tab on my blog ya ^.^ 

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