Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Lucky ride

Princess: Mommy! What are you doing?
Me: Princess! What are you doing?
Princess: Me first, what are you doing?
Me: Having dinner, what are you doing?
Princess: I'm going to 'kor ku kor ku'
Me: Wah! So early go to bed ah?
Princess: Ya lor... mommy, I'm very sleepy, tomorrow only talk lah... I want to 'kor ku kor ku' now
Me: Ok lor
Both of us: Bye bye, I love you, good night, sweet dreams, muah! I miss you lots lots lots!


This week has been a blessing! I just found out my neighbour actually works nearby my office, Bangsar to be exact =.= She has been so kind to offer us a ride to and fro until car car comes home ^.^

Thanks so much HC for the comfy ride... no sweat, no human traffic, just a slight traffic jam and we still managed to reach work in time and home early these past few days ^.*

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