Thursday, 27 October 2011

The buzz word is organic

Taken from Astroview April 2010

Organic living takes a lot of effort, simply because it involves a shift in lifestyle habits – it does not only require eating organically-grown produce. Here’s what else it involves:
  • Clothes
Organic cotton clothes are free from chemicals, are unbleached, undyed, and use 100% organically-grown cotton. Organic cotton is different because the process used for growing the cotton is natural and production does not use any chemicals
  • Homeware/ furniture
This includes using everything from eco-friendly cleaning products and furniture made from reclaimed and recycled wood to bed linen and mattresses made of organic cotton or wool from sheep raised organically!
  • Cosmetic/ skincare
Organic cosmetics and skincare products don’t use harsh chemicals in their ingredients, meaning that they are free from colours, fragrances and artificial preservatives. They are also not tested on animals which gets a thumbs up from us
  • Farming
Organic farming is a method that avoids the use of synthetic chemical fertilizers to influence crop growth. This means farmers go about their work with the environment in mind, so no artificial fertilizers or chemical pesticides. Animal farmers raise their livestock without the use of drugs and animal hormones. The main idea behind organic farming is zero impact on the environment.

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