Monday, 19 September 2011

Sam Sai Shu Saturday

I've always believed in reincarnation. Honestly. We have our past and present life. We learn from our mistakes, be a better person for our future. We learn of our wrong doings in the past, resolve it with prayers for a smoother present life. It may sound ridiculous but most Chinese believe it to be true. If it isn't then this traditional belief would have died off many years ago. Really.

As we have been facing some major hiccups, Hubby and I decided to tag along with Joyce to check out this lady in Sg Besar, recommended by her friend Ah Ling. Apparently she's good at reading 'Sam Sai Shu' or literally means '3 lives book'. We just need to provide our Chinese name, lunar date and time of birth. I didn't know Sg Besar was so damn far! It looked damn near according to Google map... straight road all the way but in the end it was about 2 hours journey from Subang Jaya. Another 1/2 hour we would have reached Teluk Intan =.= Thankfully it wasn't crowded as apparently it was full the day before, being a Public Holiday. We waited for nearly 2 hours as the couple before us had brought 7 data!!! I think they had 5 kids o.O Anyway, we went after Joyce and it took us only an hour including our Angel's data, all explained, prayers confirmed and paid albeit language barrier =.= Well, this lady speaks fluent Mandarin and Hokkien but we are poor in either dialect. She can't speak English >.< In the end, we had translators and all was well! LOL! Honestly, she was good especially since we do not know her and she can explained most of our traits and stuffs accurately, based on the books she have. She does note all down in Mandarin, just in case we forget it, which is good for our future reference. 

If you are interested, here is the address:
PT4414, Taman Gembira, Sg Besar, 45300 Selangor
Note, she's closed on every first and fifteenth day of the lunar calendar as these are the days she performs the prayers.

Now, at least, we have our peace of mind and rooting for a better tomorrow ^.^

Thanks, Ah Ling, for bringing us there :-)

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