Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Fear of KTM

I have not taken the Commuter Trains (KTM) in ages. Well, the main reason is that I hated the crowd who boarded the KTM. Shoving… pushing… sticking… hovering… smelly… heat… etc… you name it, you’ll experience it here. It’s far more worst than the wet market! A total nightmare! Oh yeah… not forgetting the untimely trains… punctuality is never on their KPI… you could be waiting for ages! Trust me… I’m not exaggerating it… I’ve experienced it all!

So the thought of boarding it this evening was tormenting. I couldn’t imagine how bad the crowd would be, it was late so I was hoping it had somehow subsided. Upon reaching the platform, I realized the train had just arrived! Blimey… I quickly took a turn and OMG! Those HUMANS waiting to board the train! My heart sank… then I remembered there is a special coach for the fairer sex only. I hurriedly walked over to that coach in pink and honest to goodness… albeit a little pushing and shoving… it was pleasant inside the coach! It was crowded but I don’t have that fear anymore…

  • fear of someone hovering over me
  • fear of the armpits
  • fear of someone ‘accidentally’ touching my butt
  • fear of someone supposedly had to lean against me
  • fear of someone having to stick near near, breathing down on me

Most of the above were always done ‘accidentally’ by the opposite sex! I’m not trying to play the blaming game here but this is from my own experience. Honestly, I have always feared being ‘accidentally’ harassed by them. I do have a fear of constricted space especially with unknown male species around… even in the elevator! I just feel faint and couldn’t breath properly… it felt as though I was being sucked out of my last breath! This is one of the reasons why I always carry my handbag around. It act as a shield for me, protecting me, making spaces around me. I know it may sound ridiculous but I can’t help it.

Thankfully, with the pink coach, it has been a pleasant experience this evening. Now I must make a mental note to always remember the pink coach whenever I want to board the KTM. I wonder when will Rapid KL introduce such similar concept for their LRT. I do hope the new MRT will consider having this too. How about other public transport such as bus and taxi?

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