Monday, 26 September 2011

Car-less :-(

We have been rendered car-less this week as 'car car' has been hospitalized :-(

We have to rely on the nephew in law and public transport to get to work and back home. We decided to take the KTM commuter this morning, from Subang Jaya to work. Unfortunately, it was a bad choice. Upon reaching the station, we noticed the huge crowd waiting for the train. We were delighted the train was due to arrive in 5 mins however it was short-lived. It was fucking crowded! We were shoved inside! At each stop, we were shoved until we couldn't breath! I practically shouted at those brainless people for shoving and pushing, not letting people out! Giving me backaches from those violent pushing, especially since I have slipped disc! It was totally smelly, lack of O2 and all those armpits! It was total HELL!!!

Hubby practically had culture shock! I guess he wouldn't have thought it's THAT bad taking the KTM. To me, it was totally no difference from those days when I used to take the KTM. One things for sure, I prefer taking the bus as opposed to this ridiculous, dumb and not-friendly commuter! Anyway, enough of complaining... need to Google search for any bus that ply the route to Plaza Sentral tomorrow from Subang Jaya.

I miss 'car car' :-(

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