Friday, 5 August 2011

Sick Friday :-(

So happy that it’s TGIF as I’ll be seeing my angels this weekend but alas… I’m really sick. I haven’t been really sick in a while now… shucks! It started on Monday with throaty phlegm then it advanced to coughing and now body aches all over, feeling feverish. Damn! I hope it will quickly pass and disappear for good as I don’t intend to spread it to my angels!

Been sleeping the whole day! Thanks to the meds! Luckily I had just started sweating… hopefully it will subside and be gone tomorrow!!! Princess has been looking forward to our return, been pestering and mumbling excessively… for her stuffs of course *slaps forehead*

Enough of complaining… need to hunt for food, was awoke because of the growling in my tummy =.=

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