Monday, 29 August 2011


A colleague saw the way I coughed today and he immediately told me to go see a doctor. I asked why and he replied ‘It looks like pneumonia’ o.O Apparently a lot of people assumed it’s just normal coughing but it could be something else so I should consult the doctor again. His friend had the same predicament and had been coughing for weeks until he finally saw a doctor, with x-ray, confirmed it’s pneumonia. I was taken aback, feeling afraid but the thought of meds again… sigh! See how lah…


Safina Alfian said...

I've been coughing since i came back from Mumbai. Only cough early morning and late nite before sleep. My brother, who is a Dr , said I should try to take inhaler for asthma and it improved!!
the best part - masa kat US, I wasn't coughing at all!!!

I guess i am in the wrong country!! with cough and no bf! hahaha

Susan said...

LOL! ok ok I shall try the inhaler ;-)


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