Thursday, 4 August 2011

Nagini wasss here

Look who we found under the hood…

All curled up…

Warm and cosy…

I wonder where is Voldemort *feign thinking*

Nah… LOL!


Luckily Hubby’s nephew worked in a petshop before so he does know how to catch a snake *phew* In fact, Nagini here was in his car hood which was parked outside. Minnie was pretty scared and looked alarmed, armed and ready last night but we didn’t realized why. I thought she was afraid of the firecrackers =.= Now we know… poor girl was alert and on guard the whole night!!!

Honestly, I never knew I was afraid of snakes. Whenever we go to the zoo or petshop, I would always want to touch it. This morning, it was totally opposite. When the nephew asked for help with the bag, I totally froze! My heart pulsated so fast… I thought I was going to have a heart attack! I nearly threw the bag down when the nephew was trying to dump the snake inside… well the slimy thing touched my hand! I flipped!!!

Eeewww!!! What a yucky slimy morning!!!

Minnie pulak ran out of the house and roamed the neighbourhood *slaps forehead* I had to carry her all the way back home =.= I was all dressed for work leh… had to change my clothes as her bulu… fur… was all over my blouse!!!

Thanks to all the chaos, I was late for work pffft!

Thank God tomorrow is Friday!!! Yay!!!


ArHong said...

I want Nagini~~~~~~~~~

Susan said...

Eer... but it's so slimy!


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