Sunday, 7 August 2011

MPOV: Ahwa Hokkien Mee

Similar name as the famous Ahwa in SS3 but it’s a different cook with a different style of cooking. It was crowded too thus it must be good enough to give it a try ^.^


We ordered fried Hokkien Mee Hoon for 2 pax which turned out quite nice, dry style which was less oily albeit lots of chui yau jar (fried lard).


Fried Cantonese Ying Yong (mee hoon + koey teow) for 1 pax was also as good… not overly done, tasted just right. I enjoyed the noodles to the last drop.


Overall, the food was good, ingredients were fresh and also worth the money. Our total bill was RM18, definitely cheaper than the one in SS3 and the portion was much more. 


Location: Restoran Unlimited, Jalan SS14/1A, Subang Jaya

7 thumbs up out of 10

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