Friday, 19 August 2011


My meds have finished since Monday and another horror has surfaced. I started having coughing fits which ended up with a constricted chest and throat which eventually caused me to choke, not being able to breath >.< I thought I was gonna faint and die, sigh! This happens randomly and the phlegm has to be spitted out or else I’ll continue choking. This is so terrible! In fact, in my 39 years of life, I’ve never experienced such horrific fits! This is a first for me and I’m wondering when it will end. I wish I can cut open my throat and scrape off all the bloody phlegm! It made me so damn ‘mang chang’!!! Even my colleagues got worried that I might just choke and faint… kept asking me to see the doctor again. The thought of another round of meds… sigh!

Anyway, had a long chat with Princess today which got me laughing! Our summarized conversation, as usual as Princess is very long-winded ^.^

Princess: mommy, I got some of my exam results already, all lulus except for Chinese, how ah? Summore my moral ah, supposed to be 78 but teacher rubbed my markah, changed to 68.

Me: what?!!! Why did she do that?

Princess: I really got do wrong mah.

Me: errr… what did daddy say?

Princess: he didn’t say anything.

Me: oic… you missed mommy or not?

Princess: got! mommy, last Wednesday ah, I have a good dream. I dreamt of you sewing, daddy cooking, me cutting vegetable, gor gor watching TV, then mah mah and Mimi jie jie exchanging money.

Me: huh? Why exchanging money?

Princess: they exchanging money lor… RM 1 and RM10.

Me: *clueless*

Thankfully she has recovered but Tyger still has some throat irritation. Hubby’s antibody finally gave way and got inflicted with my virus. Luckily with good meds from the same clinic I went to in Paramount Garden, he’s recovering fast. Phew!

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