Thursday, 11 August 2011

Have you voted?

With the recent Yellow pandemic, I can see or hear so many people either talking or arguing about clean or dirty, bersih or kotor, supporting or hating… the debate or argument can go on and on and on…

I’m not into politics nor interested in it. To me, we the taxpayers, paid the Government to do their job in maintaining a harmonious and profitable country. I don’t care if they raised the price of goods or removed some benefits. The end result, I just want to be able to grow old with loads of grandchildren in a peaceful country.

Why bother debating or arguing about all this? Condemning this or that, based on what you see in the internet or newspaper. Feeling so uptight about the whole thing. Annoyed that nothing has happened yet. All this negativity… is it healthy? Was it worth it? If you don’t like it, just migrate, if you can afford it. The grass may be greener on the other side but it might not be your cup of tea.

Yes, there should always be a ‘pembangkang’ so that the Government would also act accordingly and not to their whims and fancies. There are always pros and cons… nothing is perfect and you can’t have everything. I always believe God is fair and everything happens for a reason.

Enough said, the most important of all, have you actually registered to vote? Was it all talk and no action? This is the question I always asked those who are so uptight about the whole epic. If you are going to just talk then it’s pointless. You must make your vote count and not let your 1 vote slide away. Don’t underestimate that 1 vote as it can make a lot of difference. Ya, ya, I can hear some of my friends groan or complaint… wasting their time lah… no time lah… very far lah… crowded lah… >.<  Talk cock and sing song… so typical…

Go figure!


Anyway, I went to see another doctor last night… yes, third one… can’t help it since I’m not getting any better. We found this 24 hours Klinik Mediviron in Paramount Garden. After telling the doctor my sap story, he prescribed antibiotics, cough mixture and something to gargle. That’s all. No fancy mancy meds like the previous 2 doctors. Believe it or not, after taking the meds, I slept like a baby the whole night!!! Thankfully!!! Coughing is still there today but the phlegm finally surfaced and I was able to ptuuiii!!! An experienced doctor definitely makes a HUGE difference *phew*

The unfortunate part… my dear Princess has been infected with my virus >.<

Princess: mommy! you have spread your virus to me!

Me: are you sure it’s me?

Princess: yes, I’ve been coughing non-stop. I had fever yesterday so I didn’t go to school. Today my friends keep asking me why I didn’t turn up yesterday.

Me: so what did you tell them?

Princess: I didn’t say, I just avoided them.

Me: why not? Just tell them the truth lah… that you are sick.

Princess: I just don’t like other people to know lah… I just avoid them will do. They don’t need to know I’m sick.

Me: o.O *speechless*

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