Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Birthday freebies

Initially, I was happy to receive SMS and emails asking me to claim my birthday freebies last month. Alas… it was short-lived. Why? Well, how should I put it? Hmmm…

  • GSC free movie ticket during birthday month. I can only claim for movie with asterisk. There wasn’t any movie interesting enough with asterisk that I wanted to watch. I’ve watched the good ones during the first week itself leh!
  • Nuffnang and TGV have 4 movie tickets for me but I have to collect it from Nuffnang office in KL. Unfortunately their office hours are the same as mine, including my friends =.= I did asked them to courier it to me as I don’t mind paying for it but they are bound by some T&C so they couldn’t… sigh!
  • Sunway Card has a list of interesting freebies which I can print out and redeem at selected outlets in Sunway Pyramid. Interesting enough but not my cup of tea though…
  • Redbox has a booklet of vouchers but I have to go to any of the branches to collect. No time lah to visit even the nearest which was Sunway Pyramid o.O
  • Loccitane has a RM20 voucher for me but I have to collect it from their KLCC outlet. I found out later on that I can collect from any outlets and I tried The Curve outlet BUT to no avail. They were supposed to call their KLCC outlet first before releasing the voucher but they couldn’t get through hmmph!

With the current technologies, why can’t these companies be more tech savvy? Save more trees? Especially for the ones which I have to personally go and collect… here are some thoughts… you can just email it to me and I can print it out or else SMS lor and I can redeem it by flashing the SMS. Save paper mah…

In the end, I redeem nothing. It was supposed to be a nice reward for me, for being a loyal customer *shakes head* I did feel a little disappointed which is why I’m ranting here *totally speechless*

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