Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Birthday again…

Me: Princess, what are you doing?

Princess: Mommy!!! I’m doing a new birthday card for grandpa

Me: What happen to the one you did yesterday?

Princess: It didn’t turn out nice so I’m doing a new one

Me: But grandpa’s birthday was yesterday

Princess: It’s ok… can give today also mah… mommy, why my birthday so far away?

Me: Eerrr… because you came out on that day mah

Princess: But it’s so far away! Why, mommy, why mine is so far away? Last summore… first Daddy, then gor gor, then you, then only me!!! I wanna change my birthday!!!

Me: You can’t change your birthday lah… you were born on that day

Princess: Mommy aahhh… I wanna change it to this month!!!

Daddy: Let her change but can only celebrate with cake on the real day

Princess was grinning with happiness… thinking of birthday presents…

*slaps forehead*

Me o.O *fainted*

Note: This conversation has been truncated / summarized as Princess was pretty long winded


Michelle Chow LF said...

hahaaa, so cute ur little princess !!

Susan said...

Cute ah? I nearly fainted leh... kek sei ngor lah!


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