Tuesday, 12 July 2011

MPOV: Bubba Gump

Finally, after hearing many rave reviews, I had the chance to taste the shrimps at Bubba Gump. Obviously, I have high expectations. Unfortunately, I shouldn’t have set it.


We were greeted and ushered in quickly, given the menu and the utensils. Another staff dropped by and explained to us the use of these cute signage. When everything is cool and we do not want to be disturbed, we should leave it as it is:


When we wanted to order or needed assistance then we should turn over for this red one:


Behind these signage was a bucketful of sauces, kitchen towel and wet towels! A huge plus here!


After ordering, we spent time taking photos of the surroundings… the interior and decorations were full of trinkets from the movie, Forrest Gump… dowh! This restaurant was practically adapted fully from the movie itself ^.^







If you were wondering why so many photos, well, the serving here was damn slow! After 20 mins or so, our cool and refreshing drinks finally arrived =.= Speckled Strawberry for me and Lotsa Lava for Hubby.


Another 20 mins or so, my food came… Shrimper’s Heaven… 1 cold and 3 different types of fried shrimps with 3 different sauces i.e. tomato sauce, soy sauce and a sweet sauce. Overall, it’s good and fresh, nothing extraordinary here, except for the fried flour type. It tasted ‘chow yau yik’… ermmm… tasted like the oil has expired. I liked the coleslaw as it was crunchy and fresh.


Hubby’s Stuffed Shrimp finally came after 15 mins or so. It was full of buttery taste, complemented well with the plain white rice… a nice and unique concoction.


Overall, the portion was just nice but too much of shrimps made it ‘loya’… felt like overstuffed and unappetizing. When we finally paid the bill and left, all the shops in Sunway Pyramid were closed =.= No shopping… all thanks to the slow servings… we were there since 8ish leh! The restaurant wasn’t crowded, most to most it was half filled so not sure why the slooooow serving.

Our total bill was RM125.95, including 10% service charge and 6% Government tax. To me, it’s a tad overpriced. With all the waiting, we could get a better westernised dinner at a lower price else where. Thankfully, the staff’s service, fresh food and ambiance were a huge plus. Do note, this is just my POV.

Life is like a box of chocolate ^.^


Location: OB.K2, OB.K3, OB.K3C & OB.K3D, Oasis Boulevard, Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall

Delivery service: 1 300 886 886

URL: www.bubbagump.com

6 thumbs up out of 10

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