Thursday, 7 July 2011

MPOV: Bellisia Esthetics & Wellness Therapy

I have not gone for facials in ages! Well, mainly because I live quite far from the main attractions now. My skin has since deteriorate, if you remember my rambling here, with home care alone is never enough! As I frequent Tropicana City Mall often, Hubby advised me to give this shop a try.

I actually felt intimidated when I first went into the shop. Furthermore, I didn’t make any appointment but thankfully there was a vacant spot and it was a Saturday, mind you. The lady owner was friendly enough, explaining the products and analysing my skin condition, then ushered me to sit down and filled up a questionnaire card. Once the beautician was ready, she ushered me into a small room to change my top and keep my stuff in a locker before leading me to the facial room.
Before she started, the beautician analysed and recommended the type of facial which was suitable for me. She had recommended Brightening Skin Renewer with Hydratante Ampoule for my dull and dry skin.
From double cleansing to steam, exfoliating then extraction, pressure point massage to toner + ampoule + mask. I felt my skin came alive! A few notes I’ve made:
  • When it was time for extraction, I actually felt my pulse racing! LOL! Ok, well, previous experience was not pleasant therefore I was kinda worried. Thankfully, this lady was gentle and the whole extraction process was pleasant!
  • The massage was also relaxing, totally felt relieved and my shoulders finally was able to loosen up a bit.
  • I totally enjoyed it when she had applied the mask, using a machine to massage and spread it around. It was also cooling which felt invigorating.
  • The set back was that i still felt less pampered. I mean I was ushered in and out, without a simple feet bath nor a scented environment, which I was used to. 
  • My beautician was kinda superior too which made me felt uncomfortable, inferior, not sure why.
Anyway, they were having a ‘Buy 1 Free 1’ promotion… my facial costs RM268, usually for 1 session but now for 2 sessions ^.^ Also adding RM48 for my ampoule. Overall, it’s a tad bit expensive since without the extra perks which I can get from other beauty parlours at a cheaper price. Even their Dermalogica products cost a bomb! I’ll stick to Clinelle for now, thank you ^.^ Hmmm… when I should quickly redeem my 2nd session though *thinking*
Thank you, Hubby, for this wonderful be-early birthday present! Lotsa love and kisses… muacks! Me after the facial…

Location: Lot 2-29, 30, 2nd Floor, Tropicana City Mall
7 thumbs up out of 10

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