Thursday, 14 July 2011

Better late than never ^.^

I had a huge surprise last night. Met up with some of my colleagues for dinner cum movie night. During the journey in the car for dinner, they had been teasing me =.= Apparently, they had gotten me a birthday present and they kept asking me to guess. Honestly, I thought they were pulling a prank on me. Why? Well, with all the clues they had given me, it sounded like a DICK! Honest to goodness! @.@

After dinner, they opened the car boot and asked me to see it for myself…




I was flabbergasted! It was something I really wanted to buy when Hubby is free to go to KL! I was just too stunned… speechless… to say anything!


Nah! The photo you all have been asking for… please ignore my tired self…

They wanted to take a photo of me holding IT in TCM!!! I ran away of course!!! Pffft!

A HUGE THANK YOU TO, in no particular order:

  • Nicole
  • Ann
  • Kenny
  • Eric
  • Daniel
  • Ben
  • Li Boon
  • Mei Ching
  • Rick

I’m truly, deeply touched… overwhelmed by your thoughtfulness. It was a pleasant surprise… definitely better late than never. It’s a wonderful present, 1 of the best I might add, unforgettable and useful too. Nevertheless, I would cherish IT until the day NAKEDBLMR wanna retire ^.^

Thank you again!


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