Thursday, 23 June 2011

Teaser: What is this?

Not sure if you have seen this before but it’s a first for me! Can you guess what it is?

Anyway, a funny moment at work. We were jesting on Skype when I said something about db and lh, which in turn, KK replied ‘lh is with the blue side’. Nicole was trying hard to figure out who were db and lh ^.^ KK, on the other hand, was trying to figure out db ;-) I was surprised as after all the tips they still couldn’t guessed it *evil grin* Even when Nicole mentioned David Beckham’s name, KK didn’t even get it *slaps forehead*!!! I was laughing so hard until I was tearing even though I had tummy ache! LOL! Honestly, KK is a very smart guy… for him to miss that… he must have been hit hard by Wednesday blues! Unforgettable!!!

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