Thursday, 9 June 2011

Sunday snaps!

This will be another photoblog of our outing last Sunday ^.^

After lunch, we headed to KLCC, hoping to check out the famous Petrosains. Unfortunately, we were too late as it was damn crowded! The queue was just too long pffft! We ended up window-shopping instead ^.^ It’s been a long time since we visited KLCC… so many new shops i.e. Harrods, Harley Davidson, Chopard, etc… my eyes were damn busy *grinning*

After that, we headed to AU2 to repair MIL’s spectacles. Angels were captivated by the colourful donuts while passing by Big Apple! Hubby gave in… we had tea there in the end *Angels grinning widely*

Our last stop, Summit USJ, where we met up with my BFF/ my Angel’s Godma Chow and her family. Her cutie pie baby is such a big girl now! So adorable! We were busy catching up while our kids were busy playing ‘hamburger’ which stumped me… never heard or seen of such game in my life *slaps forehead*!

We were pretty tired by the time we reached home… a tiring yet memorable Sunday. I’m ending this post with a beautiful photo of Princess in a dress given by Godma Chow… she still has the energy and mood to model for her daddy ^.^


A supermodel in the making ???

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