Friday, 3 June 2011

Sake time!

Had a fun and enjoyable evening with Ann, Eric, Rick and Ben at Sushi Tei. I was accompanying them for dinner as they were working late today. Rick decided to order some sake, for ‘dessert’, so he ordered 1 bottle cold and 1 bottle hot ^.^


Hot sake ^.^


Ben looked like the expert pouring the cold one, looking sooo red after a few cups ^.^


Rick, before and after… ^.^

I have never drank sake before, a first for me *grinning*

Honestly, I prefer the cold one, more soothing for my throat and tasted like wine. As for the hot one, it burnt the throat a little but quite soothing if you are in a cold weather. The end result for both, I was damn hot after that! Sweating profusely!

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