Friday, 24 June 2011

MPOV: Chilla Cup

I had lunch with Joyce last Saturday at Chilla Cup which she highly recommended. It was a quiet afternoon so we were able to order and then lepak with ease.

Noticed this cute round thing? I was surprised when the alarm rang! It actually rang for us to collect our food and drink! I was so jakun lah!

We ordered Hot Chocolate, Hot Latte and Maple Butter Toast

Black Pepper Chicken Rice

Overall, our food was yummylicious! I enjoyed my toast although it’s with whipped cream… well, I never liked whipped cream and I didn’t know it came with it =.= Thankfully, it must have been a good quality one as it wasn’t sweet and it’s fluffy… a good combination with the maple syrup and butter toast! Joyce’s chicken was really spicy, thanks to the black pepper! By the time she finished it, she was fanning her tongue Smile with tongue out Drumlets were a little spicy but tasty and crunchy to the last bit! Darn! My tummy is rumbling now *slaps forehead* My Latte… mmmmm… ‘kau’ (thick)… the coffee aroma… taste… nice…

It’s a self-service cafe but the staffs were pretty friendly. They do know how to make you feel at home in Chilla Cup. With a pleasant and cooling environment, even for the smoking area (mind you the ventilation was good), we totally felt at home… lepak until very late *grinning*

Our bill was RM42.10 which was average for a comfortable cafe. It’s a place which I definitely don’t mind frequenting. Furthermore, they have free WiFi… a BIG plus!
Chilla Cup
Location: SG-03A, Ground Floor, Subang Avenue, Persiaran Kemajuan SS16, 47500 Subang Jaya


7 thumbs up out of 10

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