Wednesday, 1 June 2011


I was overwhelmed with work thus the mood-less blogging. Thankfully, my angels are here with us for the 2 weeks school holiday which was totally a blessing. Needless to say, Tyger was busy catching up on his You Tubes, Pokemons and Bakugans. Princess, on the other hand, was busy catching up with Minnie! LOL!

Anyway, we were supposed to watch Kungfu Panda 2 last Sunday but there were no suitable tickets left! Luckily, they were content with window-shopping at Toys R Us and Borders. I think we spent at least half a day there!

Princess and Tyger enjoying a 3 minutes machine massage ^.^

Monday night, Tyger decided to sleep with Grandma thus I was left alone in their bedroom. Princess was sleeping with Hubby in our bedroom then. She just popped over and asked me to sleep with her, knowing that I’m alone *grinning* I was so touched, such a simple and sweet gesture made me feel extremely blessed!

Then last night, there was a last minute adhoc reporting which had me finished work late and missed my bus to TCM. Ann, knowing that I’m finishing late, Skyped me if I wanna join her, Eric and Rick for dinner. They really made my day, we had a blast in Secret Recipe! I was feeling blessed to be in the company of good friends ^.^

Although mood-less, it has been a blessed past few days *happy sigh*


Anonymous said...

Kungfu Panda - must go and watch!!!

Susan said...

This weekend for sure :-)


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