Monday, 13 June 2011

Bar.B.Gon Pillow

Finally! After months of waiting, Princess got her Bar.B.Gon Pillow from Bar.B.Q Plaza!


I had joined Bar.B.Q Plaza’s Facebook contest in March and found out I was 1 of the lucky 100 to receive the Bar.B.Gon Pillow on 23/3/11 ^.^ However, few weeks down the road, I still didn’t receive any letters or emails on how to claim the pillow and the dateline to redeem has finally lapsed =.= After a few email clarifications few weeks later, Bar.B.Q Plaza was kind to allow me to redeem the pillow… phew! Princess was so happy, grinning from ear to ear *happy sigh!

Tyger happily clowning with it… after a hearty dinner at Bar.B.Q Plaza, he’s still energetic! You can read about my view on Bar.B.Q Plaza here


Thank you, Bar.B.Q Plaza, for this kind gesture! It totally made my Princess’ day!

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