Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Will & Kate

All the news and gossips were abuzz about the wedding of the century! What would she wear? Her make-up? Her hair? She lost weight? The list can go on and on and on…

Well, I was working so I didn’t get to watch it last Friday evening. I did watched Lady Diana’s wedding those days… with her puffy sleeves and God-damn long veil! It was so extravagant! I did wonder what would Kate wear because of this. Who doesn’t? I mean will she follow her late MIL footsteps?

Luckily, my friend was so kind to update me via Skype! Thank God for technology! He’s (yes, a guy friend) been copying the pics of the wedding while watching it and sharing it with me via Skype! He’s damn good too! You can see it for yourself below… like Paparazzi in the making ^.^

Just posted a few noteworthy ones like this… Becks looked suave but Victoria looked like she’s attending a funeral o.O


Pippa, Kate’s sister, with the flower girls. Her dress was so gorgeous, simple yet chic with classic lines.


Finally the bride arrived… simple, free of fuss and frills. I find it too simple for a lavish wedding, probably I have expected more since it’s the wedding of the century. Looking at Kate’s dress sense, I guess she is a simple and elegant woman who preferred a simple vintage wedding dress with lace. However, coming from the late Alexander McQueen, I would have expected a more stylistic dress. No wonder more people were focusing on Pippa’s dress o.O


Kate looked demure, then I realized one thing, she looked Grace Kelly-ish! No wonder! I guess she must have adored such style ^.^ In an elegant way, it really suited her sense of style.


I read somewhere that Kate did her own make-up, it may not be the best but she did looked fantastic albeit a little tired. Oops! Forgot about the groom! Well, William looked better when he was in his teens. Now he looked like his father and balding o.O

Thanks DW for the fantastic updates!

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