Sunday, 1 May 2011

Thanks Oprah

I have always enjoyed watching Oprah. In fact, it’s the only talk show which I truly enjoyed watching. It has that oomph… just enough zest with the right topic which has kept us entertained and taught us many things. However, after 25 years, Oprah has finally decided to close the curtain… moving on to other ventures… she’s been happily counting down too! Astro Diva was showing back to back episodes of Oprah’s Farewell Season, last Sunday. As usual, she never failed to bring tears to my eyes.

Firstly, she has invited 300 ‘Ultimate Oprah Fans’ to Australia!!! All expenses paid!!! Lucky Americans!!! Totally wished I was one of them *dreaming*

Secondly, I didn’t know Teri Hatcher became an internet sensation overnight by posting photos of her bare-faced, without make-up, right after taking her bath, in her Facebook. Her interview has totally opened up my eyes…there’s nothing wrong with wrinkles and aging. I mean, it’s a fact, we all grow old… aging is part of growing old. So why do we need to go against aging and all? We are going against the forces of nature by having cosmetic surgery, botox, etc. We should take care of our health more by exercising or eating healthily instead.

The last one I managed to catch before Hubby came home was Oprah’s interview with Portia de Rossi. I was surprised that she had actually battled anorexia and bulimia! She’s always beautiful and perfect to me… had always enjoyed watching her in Ally Macbeal. Didn’t know she had such low self-esteem with an eating disorder. It actually frightened me… at how she ended up having so much health problems… even having osteoporosis at aged 25! I do have an odd eating disorder… I can never, ever see big portions of food as it will turn my tummy off, flipped my appetite away. In the end, I’ll never finished it. I am also extremely picky with food, if it tasted or looked a little different I’ll lose appetite. I’ll feel like vomiting if I forced myself to consume it. Weird right? I still can’t shake it off until today. Of course, I try to avoid all this drama whenever I’m around with my Angels. Well, Portia wrote of her experience in this book ‘Unbearable Lightness’ which I thought of getting… hoping it’ll give me more positive vibes, more motivation towards life and shake off all the negativity!

Thank you, Oprah. I may have missed a lot of your episodes but each time when I do get to watch it, I always learnt something new… something valuable in life which makes me a better person, making me love life more ^.^ 

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