Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Review: Shihlin Taiwan Street


This place is always crowded during peak hours. As the shop is small, not easy getting a table during such time. Luckily it was empty when I decided to try it ^.^


I ordered Happy! Ricebox Set which included a drink and it cost me only RM10! No tax which totally made me a happy customer *grinning* The ricebox came with the famous Shihlin fried chicken, 3 slices of tofu and some century eggs. The fried chicken tasted fresh but the spices, which they scattered all over the chicken, took time getting used to. I was a little disappointed with the rice though. It was filled with shoyu hence it was salty. The tofu and eggs tasted just right. The portion was kinda big for me, it was difficult for me to finish it midway. Pairing it with soya bean was a mistake for me. It made me felt ‘muak’, dunno why… should have tried their famous Handmade Oyster Mee Sua instead.


Location: LG 37.3 , Tropicana City Mall

URL: http://www.shihlinsnacks.com.tw/

6 thumbs up out of 10

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