Sunday, 15 May 2011

Review: Overtime

People go to Overtime for alcoholic drinks but we went there for non-alcoholic beverages! Believe it or not! Well, Joyce needed a ‘yam cha’ place with smoking zone so Overtime fitted the bill.


As I haven’t had dinner, I ordered Seafood Fried Rice and hot tea. Joyce ordered hot coffee. The fried rice was normal, nothing fancy but the prawns tasted weird… like it has been dipped into something medicinal. Honestly, it tasted funny. Our bill came up to RM32.50 including 10% service charge and 6% Government Tax =.= Definitely not the right place to ‘yam cha’ as it’s costly for non-alcoholic stuffs. Ambience, needless to say, was dark with mosquitoes busy buzzing around my legs =.= It’s also loud with music but we were seated outside so not too blaring. The chairs were totally not comfy…. all tall stools without back rest so we can’t sit too long.

I guess it’s the right place for drinkers but not for those who wanna ‘yam cha’ since it’s a pub, obviously *grinning* The one thing I love was they have free WiFi! We could surf net while chatting ^.^ Thankfully they have a good choice of music too so we did enjoy listening to it. Oh yeah… it’s windy too where we sat… so if we have a nice sofa then we could be chatting the night away!

Location: L1-51 Tropicana City Mall

My take as a non-alcoholic customer: 6 thumbs up out of 10

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