Saturday, 21 May 2011

Review: Fast 5

Finally! After waiting for so long, it has reached our shores!


Brian and Mia were running away from the law in US and ended up in Brazil. While waiting for Dom to turn up, they accepted a job as they needed money. Unfortunately the job turned sour and they have unintentionally made enemy with Hernan Reyes, a corrupted businessman who controlled the town they were in. While in hiding, US DSS sent a team to hunt for them, lead by Agent Luke Hobbs. As Mia is pregnant, Brian decided to retire and not lived such a risky life. Dom agrees and decided to plan an impossible heist, stealing millions of dollars from the corrupted businessman Hernan Reyes!

It was a furiouslicious movie worth waiting for! Story line was a little predictable, somewhat similar to Italian Job, but the actions made up for it. It kept me on my toes! This time around less car racing but more fightings… thanks to Dwayne Johnson… which is cool but I was wondering why they had to keep him sweaty and wet always o.O At the starting, Mia was running away from the feds and jumping from building to building with Brian… this part was a little off as Mia was supposedly in her early pregnancy. If this were to happen in real life, she would have miscarried the baby. Towards the end, where they managed to drag the vault out using 2 cars, it felt kinda fake as it’s a huge fcuking vault!!! As far as I can remember, vaults are damn heavy and solid… not as flimsy and light as this one in the movie. Anyway, better not spoil your fun though ^.^ It is an action-packed movie which is totally entertaining, also worthwhile to watch it in the cinema with all the special sound effects.

7 thumbs up out of 10

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