Saturday, 14 May 2011

Mother’s Day 2011

It’s a blessing that Mother’s Day falls on the first weekend of May every year. I got to balik kampung and celebrate it with my Angels with the usual suspects, dinner and a cake ^.^


Princess styled my hair by tying a pony tail *ouch! It was tight! She said to prevent it from coming off =.=


Tyger, as usual, conquered the computer, busy You Tube-ing =.= He quickly minimized the screens when taking this photo, so that it showed the nice wallpaper only… so thoughtful of him *grinning*


Mother’s Day cake from my Angels.

We had a sumptuous dinner with 8 yummylicious dishes but Hubby was too engrossed in eating that he forgot to snap the rest! The owner was kind to give us a complimentary dish too ^.^


Pretty mothers of 3 generations in a row!


Our latest family photo ^.^

A simple yet memorable night.

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