Sunday, 3 April 2011

Tidakkah anda rasa bersalah memotong ‘Q’

I was clearing my old photos when I saw this which I intended to blog about it but forgotten.

It literally means ‘Don’t you feel guilty cutting queue?’

There is a few of this signage placed along Kesas Highway, nearby the Kewajipan ramp where it’s badly jammed up every morning. In my opinion, they shouldn’t waste people’s money by setting up such signage as it will not work. We have to endure the same jam every morning hence we will never ever feel guilty as we are damn frustrated, driving, braking, driving, braking. They should figure out a better plan to reduce the jam, or perhaps, another road heading to Kewajipan roundabout directly without going through that ridiculous traffic light. Well, this is just my POV.

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