Sunday, 10 April 2011

Singing our hearts out!

I have not been to a karaoke joint in ages! So when Ann invited me, I hesitated at first, then subsequently agreed.

We were in Redbox last Friday night, singing our hearts out! It was a good de-stressing exercise, releasing all the pent-up anger in me! So much so that I was off-key and pitchy! Sorry guys… was taken away by those lovely songs ^.^ I know, need to practice more *grinning widely*

They are a bunch of good friends, serious at times but totally hilarious and know how to have a great time! Thanks Ann, Eric, Rick, Tracy and MC for a wonderful night! Hope we can do this more often!

I had to leave early as Hubby came to fetch me. I actually felt light and more relaxed. The bill was hefty since it’s a Friday night… btw, this was part of my hesitation… well worth it though *happy sigh!*

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