Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Hometown, here we come!

Finally, we were able to balik kampung last weekend… both Tyger and Princess have been waiting anxiously! Not sure if they were anticipating their stuffs/ gifts or they actually missed us Smile with tongue out 

Anyway, in a glance, our usual routine consisted of haircuts at Sis Annie’s hair salon, dinner at Sun Swee Keong Restaurant, (next day) breakfast at the mini food court and a visit to the wet market for grocery shopping. Time definitely flew by when we were enjoying ourselves… having fun and catching up on our quality moments… sigh! I’ll let the photos do the talking *wink*



Tyger just loves his Pokemon! We just got a whole bunch from Bangkok to be added into his current collection.


A surprise for us… a new addition to the family… FIL recently adopted this female kitten named Pussy … ain’t she cute ^.^


FIL caught this rodent… not sure what kind of species… looked like squirrel but with a long nose… hmmm…


We saw this huge, gigantic fish in the wet market!



It was wonderful, enjoying the slow paced kampung life even though for a short while, 1 1/2 days to be prĂ©cised, away from the hustle bustle busy KL life! We had a chatty quality time with our angels… also a heavenly time feasting on durians and home-cooked food. Yes, it’s durian season baby! Superb smells… yummylicious to the last bit! Even Pussy loves durians! *Slaps forehead! I’ve actually had too much durian nom’s as my gum was swollen! Gosh! Anyway, with durian season, other fruits were also blooming including mangosteens, mangoes, pomelos, etc. It’s always nice to have home-grown fruits… healthier and cost effective. In fact, we appreciate it more ^.^


I so missed my angels… Sad smile

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