Thursday, 14 April 2011

Bangkok: 2nd day–Breakfast

Gosh! Waking up early on the 2nd day so that we can breeze through here and there was not easy as we were so tired! Too much walking, I guess. The sad part… I had diarrhea!!! Tummy woke me up at 4am Sad smile the start of my diarrhea… sigh! Totally clueless on what had caused my tummy to be upset… until Hubby reminded me… the food we had the day before had something in common. I just couldn’t believe it… jui yau char or pork lard. Yes… so odd… I’m allergic to pork lard now =.= WTF!

Anyway, we had breakfast at our hotel’s café on the 2nd floor. We were early, about 8am, so it wasn’t crowded yet. They provided a variety of the usual kind of breakfast… such as salads, porridge, cereals, fresh eggs, English breakfast, noodles, etc. My choice was limited, all thanks to diarrhea, I had porridge and toast with eggs. Hubby, on the other hand, happily enjoying his choices…


Me tired look… had no idea how I got through the day! More on day 2 next…

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