Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Bangkok: 1st day–Lemongrass

After letting the food digest, we went for a massage. Thai’s are famous for their massages. I loved it as it’s genuinely comforting and original, using pressure points to massage without the unnecessary overly fragrant oils. You have to be careful though… you could end up in the wrong massage parlour ^.^

Lemongrass was just next to our hotel, one of the reasons why we preferred Palazzo Hotel. I opted for the 2 hours massage whilst Hubby went to look for his ex-colleagues first. He later joined me for an hour one. They ushered me into this small cubicle with dimmed lightings… changed into the cotton pajamas and we were all set to start. *Wide grin*

It was heavenly! My masseuse started from my feet, worked her magic fingers slowly, until all the way up to my head! Aaahhh… so blissful, soothing and serene. We were given warm lemongrass drink too, before and after the massage ^.^

Unfortunately my feet crammed up mid way, all thanks to the air-con! My feet were too cold so my masseuse had to calm it down with some hot towels. Totally potong steam! Pfft!

All over the shop, you can see this sign: For your comfort, no talking and no handphone. However, the men next to my cubicle were blind, I guess, as they were chatting non-stop. Luckily they stopped after about 1/2 hour of babbling, probably realizing they needed those comfort too.

Above: with Hubby; below: with my masseuse

Our bill was 950 Baht… for both of us… yes, very, very cheap, compared to the ones in KL. I am missing it so much already as my shoulder has started aching again… sigh!

Location: Lemongrass, 111/3 Ratchadaphisek Road, Dindaeng Bangkok


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