Saturday, 2 April 2011

Bangkok: 1st day–arrival

Thanks to Hubby’s lucky stars, we got to go to Bangkok, Thailand. Yay! It was for a short one though as beggars can’t be choosers right?! I do have loads of photos to share and not sure where or how to even start. Hmmm… I guess chronologically is the best…

Our departure was on 29/3/11 11.30am so we arrived at LCCT early that morning. We drove and parked at the open-air carpark… it may be costly but if you do the math and compared to taxi, it’s much cheaper. After breakfast, we walked around the airport and saw some questionable stuffs…


What was this ‘Police View’ cubicle doing in the middle of nowhere? What was it for?


‘Smoking Area’ used to be a small room in LCCT but it has been shifted since… to outside called ‘Smoking Zone’! What if it rains? Smoke less… I guess LOL!

1 thing never changed… the toilets were still as dirty. I was appalled at the condition, just quickly do my business and rushed out! No point taking any photos as it would be revolting to view.

Checking in was fast as we used the ‘Check-in Kiosk’ and we only had hand carry luggage. Upon reaching the Immigration, we were informed that we still had to get our tickets verified at the ‘Confirmation Counter’ nearby… I think that’s the name. Errr… what’s the point of going to the kiosk then? Might as well queued at the Check-in Counter instead. Furthermore, the female staff there had a very long face and was not smiling at all. Going through the Immigration was a breeze and the gate opened at 11.30am promptly! Yay! Time to board the plane!

Saw this beauty whilst boarding…


And this ^.^


Cam-whoring in the plane while waiting for departure

Hubby reluctantly obliged *Hugs*

When the plane took off, I was really scared, felt the jittery as it wasn’t as smooth as I expected it to be. Took me awhile to calm down as I’m afraid of heights. I just can’t understand how my friend, Spena, does it… she practically fly almost every weekend!!! Anyway, there were many China tourists on board and the plane was noisy… just like Pasar Malam (Night Market)! Once landed in Bangkok, I was surprised quite a number of passengers immediately stood up and retrieved their bags… the seatbelt lights weren’t even off yet =.=

Also switching on their mobile phones! Errr… harlow… the plane hasn’t stopped yet so please don’t endanger other people’s life! Sigh!


See… only 1 luggage ^.^

The weather in Bangkok this time was damn cold and windy!!! It’s about 23 to 25 degrees Celsius! I always remembered Bangkok as hot and humid… I actually packed for the wrong weather… sigh!

We stayed at Palazzo Hotel 111 Soi Niam Utit, Ratchadapisek Road, Dindeang, Bangkok 10400 ( A very nice hotel, clean and reasonably priced. Our rates then was Baht 1800++ a night with free breakfast for 2.

The view from our room… see the misty cloud… it’s about 3.30pm then.

And this… eyesore =.=

Other than that, our room was perfect ^.^

Just had to snap this… noticed anything out of the ordinary in this photo? It’s a first for me… never seen it in other hotels.

So cool! Got DVD player and speakers some more… not worried about thefts? Well, I guess that’s why it’s China mari lah ^.^

To be continued…


Anonymous said...

U are lucky to be in Bangkok when it was really cool!!
Anyway, you can drop me a private msg on my twitter if u have the name of the girl who didn't smile. I was there a few times and yes, i agreed that it is difficult for some of them to smile!!

Anyway, you've got a lovely room!! lucky u!! and yes...most good hotels in Bangkok provide that small box - I guess they are so used to people asking the front desk for it late at night!! hahahaa

Susan said...

I actually missed the weather there... back here is like oven! Anyway, we were rushing hence we totally didn't bother looking at her name tag... thanks for the thought!


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