Sunday, 13 March 2011

Review: Sumptuous Corner

I always smell the nice and tantalising Asam Laksa aroma whenever I passes by Sumptuous Corner but Hubby disliked the place as he felt they were overpriced. I took the opportunity to try it when I had the chance but I opted for the Nasi Lemak instead. Honestly I should have stuck with my initial opinion…


Nasi Lemak Special with Kerang (cockles/ clam) RM4.00 – they had microwaved it too hot, the rice tasted of ‘cockroach’ due to the heat. It wasn’t as fresh since it’s been there from morning, I had this for dinner. The key ingredients in a Nasi Lemak, ikan bilis (anchovies), hard boiled egg and cucumber, were missing.

My drink was Teh Tarik RM2.80 – asked for less sweet but it was still a little too sweet for me and I couldn’t taste the tea. Most likely due to the type of 3 in 1 mixture they used.

Overall, the service was ok, normal for me but the food was overpriced in this instance. Probably I should have ordered noodles like the other patrons did then I would have a different opinion.


Location: Lot LG42, LG Floor, Tropicana City Mall

Tel: 012-691 8602

4 thumbs up out of 10

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