Tuesday, 15 March 2011

A new replacement set

Our DVD player was spoilt a few days before CNY. Everywhere would be closed… how to send for repair? In the end, we waited until after CNY. Luckily we have extended warranty with Sen Q as our original warranty has expired, so we headed to the branch in IOI Mall. After sending in, we were told it takes 3 weeks for repair but we didn’t receive any calls at all after that. We finally went there personally to find out. After going through our record, Joe, one of the PIC, told us a good and a bad news.

Bad news: our DVD player was stolen o.O

Actually the whole lorry of goods were stolen and our DVD player was inside. We were speechless.

Good news: Sen Q will be replacing a new home theater set for us. Hubby clarified ‘New home theater set?’

Apparently it’s in their insurance coverage as our set was an obsolete model so they will be replacing it with a new model. Although the design was partly same, the colour was different so they can’t just replace the DVD player alone.

We finally received the new set last weekend… yay!!! At first the delivery man was reluctant to give us the whole set, claiming that it’s the same model so he should only replaced the DVD player =.= After a phone call and some arguments, he changed the whole set. It was obviously a different model and colour geez! Furthermore, it wasn’t his call! It was stated clearly on the delivery order!

Anyway, we were grateful that Sen Q gave us a new replacement set. We are glad for the extended warranty too ^.^ Lesson learnt… extended warranty may costs a little extra but it’s worth while for cases like this. Thank you Sen Q!

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