Saturday, 26 March 2011


Last Wednesday night, I was shocked when I read Spena’s tweet about Dame Elizabeth Taylor’s death. Yes, the screen legend has passed away due to heart complications.
Picture taken from Wikipedia
The below link from The Star captured the best of Dame Liz’s life in summary:

On another note, I’ve made this crochet for a colleague’s farewell. He has left for the sake of his family. His wife is a teacher and has been transferred back to their hometown to teach. As such, he has decided to follow her back too. Although still unsure of his future there, he is very ‘wai tai’ for making such a decision, very respectful.
It’s actually meant to be a key chain or you can hang it on your bag but I’ve improvised it to hang some cards. You can write your thoughts on the cards and attached to the crochet then placed it in an envelop.
Jet, every cloud has a silver lining… may you succeed in your future undertakings and hope you have a better life in Ayer Tawar. May God bless you and your family. Do keep in touch in Facebook!

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