Monday, 28 March 2011

Because you have a bad day…

This song totally reflected my day today =.=

Firstly, there were loads of unnecessary work to do today. Hmmm… not only today, I guess it will be for the rest of the year.

Secondly, my shoe fell apart during lunch time…

my shoe

Believe it or not, the whole stretch of shops in Brickfields where I was don’t sell shoes! Thanks to my colleague’s fast thinking, managed to wrap it up in cello tape and walked to a shoe shop in KL Sentral to buy another pair. Thanks Nicole!

Thirdly, a black cat walked pass in front of me!!! I know, me being overly superstitious… hope that’s the last of my bad day!!!

Anyway, last but not least, thankfully I’ll be going for a short holiday tomorrow! Finally, a chance to de-stress, relax and have fun…

… in Bangkok!!! Will blog about it after I return! Lao jer gun! That’s ‘See you again’ in Thai ^.^


Anonymous said...

Have fun!!!!

Susan said...

Thanks! Totally had fun but was sick though... diarrhea :-(


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