Friday, 11 March 2011

An angry dream

I was waiting at the lounge area of a crowded restaurant with Hubby. The waitress finally came and gave Hubby the menu for him to browse through while waiting. However she conveniently ignored me. She was busy attending to everyone who was waiting in queue except me which made me angry. I was fuming hot when she gave everyone some water except me. I was about to scold her when I suddenly heard my alarm ringing!

Geez! It was just a dream but I was feeling damn angry when I woke up. It actually made me feel pissed the whole day! Totally speechless... never had such a weird dream before. I wonder what it actually means... hmmm...


Me: Tyger, how come you can go online Facebooking during school hours? I thought you have your exams too.
Tyger: Exam finished already so we went to the computer class. Teacher allowed us to surf the net.
Me: OIC, you were busy playing games ah? I wanted to chat with you but you didn't reply much.
Tyger: Oh I was busy adding my classmates and teacher in my Facebook.
Me: =.=

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