Thursday, 17 February 2011

Review: San Francisco Steakhouse

Last Tuesday night, Hubby and I had our post-Valentine dinner at San Francisco Steakhouse in Tropicana City Mall. We didn’t want to spend extra $$$ during Valentine’s Day as it’s usually overpriced and crowded.

Hubby ordered Double Pepper Lamb which was kinda fat, the slab was kinda thick. Hubby couldn’t finished it. Thankfully the coleslaw tasted good.

My Grilled Lamb Leg was overcooked which made the meat kinda dry. I enjoyed the potato and vegetable more.

My hot Lipton Earl Grey Tea. They provided bread and butter for free which was cool and it tasted great. You can say it’s better than our main meal.
Total bill came up to RM95.45 which was overpriced and not quite worth it. For a steakhouse, we would have expected it to taste much much better. Thankfully the service was good, ambience was too dark though. I guess our expectation was set too high for this place.
5 thumbs up out of 10
On another note, it’s a coincidence that today is Chap Goh Meh (In Hokkien, it literally means the 15th day), the last day of Chinese New Year celebration... time flies... sigh! Anyway, it’s also known as Chinese Valentine’s Day! You can read more of it here. Happy Chap Goh Meh ya all!

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