Thursday, 17 February 2011

Review: O’Briens

I had a wonderful time catching up with my BFF Chow last Tuesday! It was a public holiday hence we were able to spend a day out at Empire Shopping Gallery. We had lunch at Teh Tarik’s Place and tea at O’Briens. I’ll not review Teh Tarik’s Place since I’ve did it previously.

Her kids… Juin and Wei. They are good friends of my angels too!

Chow and her latest addition… Yenn! A very cute, bubbly and hyper-active baby girl! I was at her house since morning, watching her doing her chores, getting ready for our day out, etc. She even introduced me to something new… Magiclean! Yes, I’ve not used it before… believe it or not! I definitely must try it as it’s dust-free which is favourable to both Hubby and me! I meant our nose ^.^

Juin’s hot soup, my iced Irish Coffee and sandwiches

Chow’s Cafe Latte and Wei’s hot chocolate

Honestly, the food overall was great! Everyone enjoyed it, the ambience was warm and comfortable. Only setback was the place was kinda cramp… they should opt for slimmer furniture for a more spacious environment. Anyway it was Chow’s turn to treat so I can’t comment on the price Smile with tongue out

I wished the day was longer though as we still had lots to catch up… I had to leave by 5.30pm to catch my bus to TCM at 6.30pm sigh!

7 thumbs up out of 10

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