Saturday, 26 February 2011

Passport renewal

Just renewed my passport this morning and my oh my, I was totally impressed! Yesterday, Hubby told me that the Subang Airport branch has shifted and I managed to Google searched for the new location. Google was very efficient, I immediately got it:

Subang Immigration Office (Pejabat Imigresen Subang)
Blok A, Plaza Glomac,
Jalan SS7/19, Kelana Jaya,
47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
03-7885 0975/149/301/010
03-7885 0243
Office Hours:
Monday - Friday 7.30 a.m - 1.00 p.m and 2.00 p.m - 5.30 p.m
Saturday - Sunday 8.00 a.m - 1.00 p.m (Passport Processing Only)
Passport can be ready in 1 hour after payment.

You can get more information here:

We reached there about 7.45am (ya, we had to wake up early on a Saturday morning, yawn!) and the queue had built up outside. Thankfully we were no.15. When we were inside (they opened at 8am sharp), we found out we can go straight to the express kiosk for renewal as long as we meet the below requirements:
  • 18 years old and above
  • we have the old passport in hand
  • MyKad
  • 1 pc of recently taken passport sized photo – it must be recent, no old ones ya
  • photostat copy of MyKad updated 21/01/2013
  • cash for the renewal – RM100 for 2 years and RM300 for 5 years
Note: If your passport hasn’t expired yet, DO NOT renew for 2 years as the remaining months will be burnt. For example, if you still have 3 months remaining and you intend to renew for 2 years, you will get 2 years only and the 3 months will be burnt. If you renew for 5 years then you will get 5 years 3 months.

Anyway, We headed there immediately and the queue was much shorter, we were no.4! We don’t even need to fill up the form as it’s computerized… they have our old records… very efficient! There’s an appointed staff helping us out in case we screwed up the kiosk ;-) It was done within 5 mins and we just need to wait for an hour for our new passport! No hesitation! No delay! No rush! We even had time for breakfast next door, Nasi Kandar Isa, while waiting for that 1 hour to pass… surprisingly they even have WiFi! Efficacy all the way! updated 21/01/2013

The only set back was the parking, it cost us RM3.20 for 1 hour 31 mins =.=

Wow! I’m stumped! Never imagined a Government office to be so efficient as compared to those time when they need days to renew! I was totally impressed! Well done! Lets hope it takes minutes in the near future :-p


Joannfoca said...

ooh wow going overseas trip is it? school holidays is around the corner too =)

Susan said...

soon thanks to hubby's lucky star :-)

追梦者 said...



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