Wednesday, 9 February 2011

My CNY in a glimpse – eve

Happy birthday ya all! Today is the 7th day on the lunar calendar which happens to be ‘Yan Yat’, also known as Everyone’s Birthday! Chinese New Year breezes by day by day, like any other day. I totally don’t feel the festive vibe this time around, honestly. Probably due to the short holidays… I think I had enjoyed only the first 2 days! Anyway, I’ll be splitting this to a few posts as there will be loads of photos to share.

We had brought our angels to celebrate CNY in KL this time around. Even Sis In Law and family decided to join us for a change. We had our reunion dinner out since we reached KL that evening. As we didn’t do any booking, we finally decided on Kanna Curry House in Section 17, PJ as most Chinese restaurants were fully booked. Imagine that… having banana leaf rice for our reunion dinner! Crazy right???!!!

Yummylicious banana leaf rice reunion dinner! Luckily the food was good although the service was kinda poor. Worthy too as we had lamb curry, fried fish, fried chicken, fried fish roe, banana leaf rice, roti canai and drinks… the bill came up to RM112.60… ok lah for such meals.


FIL with my angels!


Melissa, Kit and MIL. FYI, MIL lost her voice after that Smile with tongue out


SIL and her other half.


Hubby with Tyger and Princess


Last but not least, moi!

Cindy, hubby’s other niece, and family dropped by later that night as she had to work through CNY! So kesian! Cannot get to celebrate CNY with us!


Cindy and her son, Irwin.

It was a tiring CNY eve because of the travelling. Thankfully the traffic was clear and we were able to roam around PJ area freely. Lesson to learn from that night… must remember to book a table during peak season or we will have to eat banana leaf rice and lose our voice Smile with tongue out

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