Monday, 14 February 2011

My CNY in a glimpse – 9th day

Pai Ti Kong (in Hokkien) means worshipping the Jade Emperor. This is a big festival for the Hokkiens which happens on the night of the 8th day and it will continue until the wee hours of the 9th day. You can read the folklore here which is quite interesting. I didn’t know there were 2 versions of it o.O

Anyway, my company had a Hoi Kung (in Cantonese) Dinner on the 9th day at Bukit Jalil Golf Club. It means literally ‘Starting work dinner’, supposedly a good omen for starting work after the Chinese New Year and also to Lou Sang… for good business! It’s been a while since we all gather together to have a decent meal. I also missed their jokes and antiques since I’ve been based at our client’s office. 


Noticed anything weird with this group photo?

yam seng

Yam seng!!! We just had to be the loudest! ^.^


Camwhoring with the 3 single ladies… Nicole, Ann and Tracy.


Pretty maidens in a row! LOL!

Anyway, overall the food was good even though Halal and the service provided was fantastic even though the staff looked like part-timers. It wasn’t overly noisy, just nice for a social event or gathering… got the ‘hei fan’! Cost wise, dunno ler as boss foot the bill Smile with tongue out

Thanks boss and family for the wonderful dinner!!!

Last but not least… Happy Chinese New Year!!!

Oh yeah… Happy Valentine’s Day too to all my loved ones!!!


Joannfoca said...

happy valentines' day =)

Susan said...

Happy Chinese Valentine's to you ^.^


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