Sunday, 13 February 2011

My CNY in a glimpse – 3rd day

Last night, while chatting with Princess on the phone, she suddenly said ‘Mommy, I actually like iPhone. Later you get me 1 lah. iPhone can play many games!’

I was stunned, before I could reply her, she said ‘Not now, probably when I’m in Form 1 or Form 4. Daddy has mentioned it before’

I turned to Hubby, he’s shaking his head and took the phone from me. It seemed she has incepted her mind that Daddy would by her an iPhone! OMG! Daddy un-incept her mind, telling her to buy it when she’s working! LOL! Kids nowadays! Pengsan!!!


Anyway, 3rd day of CNY was pretty brief as we sent our angels back to hometown that afternoon. Damn fast, right? Well, work and school started on Monday… sigh! We had a quick pre-packed Lou Sang that morning before leaving the house.




I just loved this photo of Princess… priceless!!!


Tyger had the opposite look… LOL!

Well, time flies just like the rabbits hopping by. This year is the year of the Rabbit so it totally felt like it!

Selamat Tahun Baru Cina (In Bahasa Malaysia)!

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