Saturday, 12 February 2011

My CNY in a glimpse – 2nd day

We had our first open house on the second day of CNY, not a good timing though as most people would have gone back to their hometown or in laws. Well, we can’t help it as Hubby can’t take a long leave, he’s in the Retail industry so kinda susah lah. Lunch, courtesy of MIL and SIL, were served… thankfully and gratefully! By the time the last guests have left, there wasn’t much food left! Half way through, Hubby realized he forgot to take photos =.= so only managed to take this few towards the end…


Our small and humble home ^.^


Yummylicious Home-cooked Chinese Food! Not forgetting Hubby’s Famous Fried Chicken and Fruit Cocktail! Yeap… it was finger licking good… honest to goodness! Can’t say it in front of him though… nanti kembang Smile with tongue out 



Thank you to MIL and SIL for the wonderful dishes, Melissa and Amelia for being the helpful ones! Oh yes to Hubby too, for the famous food and helpful hand Smile with tongue out

Thank you to all our guests for coming all the way to our humble home, I know it’s not near… we totally appreciate your time and presence.

Kong Hei Fatt Choy (In Cantonese dialect) again!

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