Thursday, 10 February 2011

My CNY in a glimpse – 1st day

Mom’s side of the family has a cute tradition – each year, on a rotation basis, a relative (her bro’s and sis’ – the Fow clan) will hosts an open house on the first day… so it’s a fair one as by the time the rotation ended, we would have been to everyone’s house. After marriage, I have missed this fun gathering as I would follow Hubby back to his hometown. Since we celebrated CNY in KL this year, we got to join the gathering at Beh Yi’s (last aunt) house! It’s her turn this time around ^.^




Grandma was overjoyed, seeing us there!


Sis, bro’s, mom and me with grandma. Recognized my cheongsam?


We had a wonderful time… even lou sang time was hilarious! There was never a dull moment at all! FYI, this was only half of the Fow clan.


Saw how high it went? The end result… our hands were full of lou sang! Finger licking good! LOL!


The remnants of our lou sang… after that, photo time!


Hubby, Tyger, Princess and me with grandma!


The female species!


The male species!


Grandchildren and great grandchildren!

After all that, we headed to dad’s house. Just a note of appreciation, thanks to Sar Yi (3rd aunt) for the great and yummylicious food! Her cooking has never falter after all these years! Anyway, I had round 2 at dad’s house, yummylicious mom’s cooking… happy sigh!


Finally, a family portrait with dad! It’s not easy getting him to take photos with us =.=



A good start for the new Rabbit year 2011! I totally enjoyed my first day… I hope my family did too. It was a memorable one… hopefully this will continue for the following years to come. Thanks to Hubby for all this… muacks! Btw, recognized Princess’ cheongsam? ^.^

Greetings from us: Keong Hii Huat Chai (in Hokkien dialect)! May the Rabbit year brings joy and happiness, wealth and health to all!

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Happy Family ^_^

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