Thursday, 24 February 2011


Princess: Mommy, I wished I have a computer... 
Me: What for? Wait till you are older
Princess: I want to play games... I also need to take care of my pet in Petville!
Me: =.=

I was in a briefing recently which involved some IT personnels in a telco company, someone actually asked 'What is MSISDN?'
Errr... they are working for a telco company... how can they not know this? OMG!
They should have come prepared right? I mean they should have Google searched first since they are IT based... duh!


Unknown said...

Take those as your lighter moments :D

Joannfoca said...

they need to go to IT rehab centre if it exists.. hehe =)

Susan said...

Stephen, yes... :p

Joannfoca, true true!


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