Sunday, 16 January 2011

Big table mat

I've made this table mat for my grandmother, her birthday present, in May last year. Yes, it has lapsed a long time before I picked up the crochet hook again! Furthermore I had temporarily stopped sewing so I have some time to kill. I got this pattern from Lily Handicraft in Subang Parade and I had a rude awakening!

Firstly, I didn't know cotton yarns and crochet hook will cost a bomb now. Secondly, I have to pay RM1 for the photocopy of the pattern. Lastly, they don't teach crochet! I was so shocked! I don't remember how to crochet so I would appreciate some basics since I've paid a bomb! I was speechless and just left the shop.

Thank goodness I do have an old 'crochet for dummy' book, Illustrated Basic Crochet & Knit by Ondori, at home which I can refer to. It really has everything about crochet and I was able to complete that table mat... phew!

BTW, that was the last time I ever visited that shop... pffft!

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